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Wollaton Hall stable block, Nottingham. Grade 1 listed.
Extensive work was carried out replacing much defective stonework with marston stone.
Repair of the Tympanum which had eroded through age and weather , conserving as much as possible of the existing fabric and work also carried out to bring back the original detail.
Mortar repairs, pinning of fissures and reinstatement of elements of carving replaced with both stone and mortar replicas.
All elements were treated with consolidant to restore strength to the stonework and some details capped to stop further weather damage.
 HSBC Bank, Pwllheli, Wales.
The whole building required the brick and stone work to be repaired and re-pointed. All defective bricks were replaced, all old mortar raked out and re-pointed in lime mortar.
The crumbling ballasters were carefully taken out, along with the defective ironwork and replaced with new stainless steel fixings and Stoke Ground ballasters.
Cramping of copings with stainless steel fixtures.
The chimney pots were replaced and flaunching to the top of the chimney stacks.   

A dilapidated Victorian house in North Norfolk. 

All stone window cills, jambs and fans were replaced. All decayed brickwork replaced. 100% repointed in Lime mortar.
New wall built to the front.

Cleaned and restored War Memorial. One of many brought back to beautiful condition.

Copping stones all moulded and worked by hand.

Replaced worked and moulded stone.