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The Old Market Cross, Standish, Lancs.
Grade 2 listed, Scheduled Monument.
The steps forming the base go back to medieval times, but the cross itself underwent restoration in 1810.
Over time, damage had been inflicted to the steps and base as a consequence of pointing using a mix of almost 100% cement, as well as being  run into by a jeep during the 2nd World War! This had caused deterioration of the stone steps due to cement being harder than the stone, and the stone eroding first.
All the old cement mortar was carefully scrapped and cut out. Where the cement had caused damage, the defective stone required cutting out also, and slips of gritstone were inserted into the vertical and horizontal joints to infill.
The iron cramps were also replaced with slips of gritstone, before the stonework was re-pointed with a sympathetic mix of sand and lime.
 Monmouth Shire Hall, Wales
Grade 1 listed, National Trust.